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tourists uncivilized behavior

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tourists uncivilized behavior in Bangkok Air Asia flight to Nanjing, seriously damaged the overall image of Chinese tourists. Based on "Tourism Law" Article XIII "tourists in tourism activities should comply with public order and public morality, to comply with norms of civilized behavior tourism nike kobe 7 shoes " the relevant provisions, the two decided to someone tourists uncivilized behavior information into "national tourists uncivilized record. "Huang Bo diving groan China CigaretteIn February 2013, when the actor Huang Bo in the Pacific island nation of Palau vacation, through the microblogging drying out photos of tourists litter on the ground, and laments: "Palau diving, is to make the beauty of God's strange marvel, sudden saw the water float a cigarette, but where's the heart cursed man without virtue. suddenly see two characters on cigarette packs 'China', I have to go up a smell of urine in my hand, like the fear of being seen as a thief, always back to shore. friend, ah, we go to someone's house guest polite, Liang Zi afford to lose face ah! "Ding Jinhao leaving a temple in EgyptMay 2013, users "empty amusement helpless" release micro-Bo said, he saw someone with a Chinese engraved with "Ding Jinhao a visit" Temple of Luxor in Upper Egypt relief. After microblogging issued, public opinion caused an uproar. Many users expressed anger.The Imperial Palace was a large iron cylinder graffiti touristsIn February 2013, that someone broke the news that a large iron cylinder Forbidden City graffiti on the audience, "Liang shouted a visit" writing, users have to condemn this behavior. Palace then writing cleared and condemn this act "lack of morality" in January this year, the State Council decided to launch a comprehensive reform of the organs and institutions of staff pension insurance system. Yesterday, the State Council announced the "occupational pension organizations and institutions approach", organizations an




d institutions in the future will be nearly 40 million personnel at institutions established occupational pension, the proportion of individual contributions I pay 4% of wages.In addition, the "approach" proposed real account funded occupational pension fund formed to implement market-oriented investment operations, according to the actual interest income. The occupational pension fund investment income, according to the provisions included in the occupational pension personal accounts.[Payment]Pension contribution base is consistent withIn January, the State Council issued the "Decision organs and institutions of staff pension insurance   nike air presto 4 men's system reform" clearly "the establishment of occupational pension system." Which clearly, at 8% of the total units of the unit wage payment, individuals under 4 percent pay my salary payment.Yesterday announced the "occupational pension organizations and institutions approach" reiterated these practices, consistent with the contribution base units and individual staff members at institutions of basic pension insurance contribution base. Accordance with the "Rules", the required occupational pension costs borne by the individual units and staff.Specifically, the proportion of units to pay the costs of occupational pension based unit 8 percent of total wages, the proportion of individual contributions I pay 4% wage withholding by the unit. Contribution base units and individuals working with organizations and institutions unanimously basic pension insurance contribution base.If the staff changes the workplace, how to do  In this regard, "Rules", occupational pension funds can be accompanied by the transfer of personal accounts. Staff studies, the army, during periods of unemployment or 




new employment units did not implement occupational pension or annuity system, its former occupational pension personal account management agencies continue to manage operations.In addition, if the new employment units have been established occupational pension or annuity system, the original occupational pension funds along with the transfer of personal accounts.[Receive]Balance inheritable died during serviceIn "Decision organs and institutions of staff pension insurance system reform," released in January this year, for the "pensioners," the statement as "the staff after retirement, receive a monthly occupational pension treatment."According to yesterday's announcement of the "approach", occupational pension fund management of personal accounts. Organizations and institutions and staff can receive occupational pension under three conditions.The first scenario is "receive a monthly retirement." "Rules", the staff after reaching retirement conditions prescribed by the State and shall apply for retirement  nike air penny 1 for saleprocedures, which I choose to receive a monthly pension treatment professional manner. The second case is a professional pension fund staff personal accounts abroad (Habitat) to settle officer may be paid to me one time according to my request. The third case is the death of the serving staff during their occupational pension personal account balances can be inherited."Rules" clearly, does not meet one of the conditions above occupational pensioners shall not withdraw funds from a personal account in advance.?Day 22:20 Xu, according to incident handling team leader informed preliminary understanding, No. 33 Dragon aromatics plant and surrounding atmospheric residue oil spill tank fire accident occurred, 

village people understand

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ly after the accident to the village people understand the status quo, to appease public sentiment.Around midnight the night, the staff still standing village department mouth,  nike lunar hyperdunk 2012 cheap  staring at the distant red sky, "Tonight the wind is too big, there must be an adverse effect on the fire."7, at 2 pm, when a reporter once again came near the scene of the accident, the plant can be seen on the road near the accident, scattered around the explosion and flying with iron tablets, middle of the road barrier is also suspected of being part of an explosion of gas wave distortion. Xylene device exploded while the fire is still raging fire, smoke billowing.Site fire brigade and rescue people in Fujian Province into the accident, told the plant's long-Su Shulin, Fujian Province, Fujian Province is currently transferred from around 121 fire trucks for rescue, including Xiamen, Quanzhou, Longyan and other places of special fire fighting vehicles; n water cooling devices, and build the country and the provinces for the deployment of fire-fighting foam concentrate from Fujian.In addition to being a firefighter extinguishing plant area, there are many fire engines, police cars, emergency vehicles parked in the factory around late at night in the tense stand. Fire officers have said that in the evening winds gradually increased, to put out a lot of work to increase the difficulty.3:00, relatives of the villagers moved Wei also difficult to sleep. He said the frightened old mother on the day of the accident, "I do not know the child will not be affected," which made him "very unhappy."6 at 18:56, Zhangzhou ancient Leiteng Long xylene aromatics unit blasting occurs. After a preliminary understanding of the causes of the accident are 33 Dragon aromatics plant an




d surrounding atmospheric residue leaking tank fire. To ensure safety, the scene around the five villages have been "carpet-style investigation, all empty." As at 6:00 on the 7th, the reporter on the scene saw the fire is still continuing. Vice president of Shenzhen Intermediate People's  two cadres of the recipient organization and other investigations. Details are as follows:Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court of party members, the vice president Huang Changqing suspicion of serious violation, the organization is currently undergoing investigation.Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Bus Group Co., Ltd. Zhiqiang alleged serious violation of the law, is now accepting transfer channel foreign media organizations, said that with the Chinese tourists in the country and the increasing number of outbound travel, uncivilized behavior of some tourists on the network after exposure caused concern, and China National Tourism Administration to take measures against uncivilized behavior and governance definition. Chinese  nike lunar hyperdunk 2013 for sale media reported the outcome, "tourist uncivilized behavior record Interim Measures," China Tourism Bureau's upcoming execution, tourists destroy monuments, sanitation and other acts of record retention period is 1-2 years.According to Radio France Internationale reported April 7, Chinese official media Xinhua reported on April 6, according to the Interim Measures, tourists uncivilized behavior refers to tourism activities, disrupted bus, train, ship, aircraft or other means of public transportation Tool order, destruction of public sanitation, public facilities, tourism violate social customs, ethnic habits. In addition, damage, destruction of heritage tourism, participation in gambling, pornography, etc.




, subject to administrative penalties, the court held responsible, or serious adverse social impacts have been classified as tourists uncivilized behavior.After the formation of tourists uncivilized behavior record, tourism authorities should inform the tourists themselves, inform visitors can raise objections and take remedial measures to restore the adverse effects. Would like the police, customs, border control, transportation, if necessary, even the Chinese People's Bank and other institutions informed uncivilized record.This approach provides the government employee knowingly provide false information, or tampering, damage, illegal use of tourists uncivilized behavior record information will be provided all the relevant persons responsible for administrative sanctions, in serious cases, the law should be held liable. According to Hong Kong, "Ming Pao Daily News" reported on April 7, deputy director of China National Tourism Administration, said Wu literature, the Interim Measures on the public objects, open range, open disciplinary procedures and the way to make a specific provision to strengthen tourism's uncivilized behavior Constraint Specification for GSDF helicopter made an emergency landing in a paddy field Okada Sendai City, Miyagi Nakano issue,nike barkley posite max for sale  a pilot on board said, because the engine output power down, making it impossible to continue to maintain high-altitude flight. SDF think it may be because of engine failure, and decided to start the detailed investigation.It is reported that the incident occurred on organic growth and aircraft maintenance staff of 2 people, were not injured. The helicopter was "OH6D", the tail rotor has been broken off, the main rotor bending.In addition, witnesses said, the plane made an emergency landing in the front, the sound of a suspected engine explosion occurred over. The helicopter belonging to the GSDF garrison Xia head. According to the 


known outside the accident

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o appeared together for the fire is not known outside the accident, the reason is also weld the weld failed.LinkPX can irritate the eyes and upper respiratory tractPX is a petrochemical industrial chain of intermediate goods, mainly used to produce PTA (purified terephthalic acid) and DMT (dimethyl terephthalate), is also preparing synthetic raw materials, textile and garments, plastic products One of raw materials and nike zoom hyperchaos men's  other intermediate consumer goods production upstream.Public information, PX eye and upper respiratory tract irritation, have a narcotic effect on the central nervous system at high concentrations. Inhalation of high concentrations may be the eyes and upper respiratory tract irritation clear in the short term, and pharynx conjunctival hyperemia, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, lightheadedness, weakness, confusion, staggering gait. Severe cases may have restlessness, convulsions or coma, seizures and some have hysteria.Environmental Sciences, Peking University researcher Jian to the Beijing News reporter Hinata said, because hydrogen pipeline system of the plant explosion in 2013, and the official notification for the two 20,000 cubic meters of atmospheric residue tank fire, the power is greater than the hydrogen pipeline explosion. "Normally such a large capacity tank residue cubic explosion so powerful, it could affect other chemical plants, chemical spills caused other chemicals within the device."Hinata Kennedy explained that it is often the residue molecular weight than regular gasoline and kerosene big, its number of carbonaceous more, but this will depend on what is the specific substance explosion. If the leak after the explosion of the material near the sea, it will cause greater environmental 




pollution."In the case of unknown circumstances, as far away from the local residents choose is right." Hinata insisted, but in order to facilitate the rescue and evacuation gathering, nearby residents best to follow the recommendations of staff arrange Li Jinjun, Chinese ambassador to the DPRK on the 5th rate Embassy librarian, martyrs memorial facilities renovation project working groups, as well as Xiangtan Municipal People's Government delegations paid respects Pyongyang DPRK friendship tower, and went to the Chinese People's Volunteers martyrs cemetery Pyongan Hoechang County's pay tribute to the martyrs.Li Jinjun and his party first came to the China-DPRK Friendship Tower, for the Chinese People's Volunteers martyrs presented wreaths and heard a presentation by the DPRK to explain the facts Volunteers staff the tower reflects the large mural.Subsequently, Li Jinjun and his entourage nike zoom kd v for sale arrived Chinese People's Volunteers Martyrs Monument to the Martyrs' Cemetery tombstones and Comrade Mao Anying presented bouquets bowed. Li Jinjun also Hoechang County conversation with the Minister of Culture of the People's Committee, appreciated the efforts of the DPRK in the renovation and management of Martyrs made. Hoechang County People's Committee of Ministers of Culture said that this is the late North Korean supreme leader and the current supreme leader's instructions, and will better fulfill management responsibilities cemetery.Li Jinjun also said that in the martyrs' cemetery again and Korean peoples deeply felt the profound friendship cemented with blood, I hope the Chinese people and the Korean people together, overcome all difficulties and work together.After the sweep, Li Jinjun and his party traveled to the Chinese People's





 Volunteers hoechang headquarters site visit. DPRK entourage headquarters site describes the status and history. In the headquarters of the war room, hanging Comrade Kim Il Sung's handwritten message, top with Chinese reads:. "Chinese Volunteers brothers, shed your blood and contribution, the Korean people will never forget."Li Jinjun also visited the headquarters next to the auditorium. See precious historical photos hanging on the wall of the hall, Li Jinjun, said China and the DPRK should work together in the future, to explore and save more historical photos and information. Li Jinjun wrote in the guest book: "To love like that DPRK friendship care of your eyes and let it flourish, last forever!"Hoechang martyrs cemetery was founded in 1957, covers an area of about 90,000 square meters, is currently the larger Korean, save more perfect martyrs cemetery, including Anying martyrs buried here, including the 134 martyrs. In 2012, China and the DPRK joint efforts to conduct a comprehensive renovation of the cemetery in India for its self-developed interceptor missile failed experiment.Reported that the missiles were fired in Orissa shore of an nike lebron 10 for sale island, but shortly after its launch fell into the Bay of Bengal. The total emission test site leader Dr. Prasad said in an interview, said, "The launch of the missile is based on the plan, but did not hit the target. We analyzed data."It is reported that the missiles were developed by the Department of Defense research and development in India. Missile weight is 1.2 tons, a height of 7.5 m. The current trial is already the tenth test, eight of which have failed the test. Before the first test of the missile was on July 26, 2010 at the military bases of the same. Air India 


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